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10 Reasons Miss Tibbit The Useless Little Black Dog May Not Lick My Face

10. Miss Tibbit is a dog and has aromatic dog mouth.

9.  She licks the floor.

8. She licks the sidewalk. Oh, why? Because it has on it flavorful substances like gum, bird crap, spit.

7. Miss Tibbit bathes herself and her pal Hamish the Corgi with her tongue. I don’t want that on me.

6. Miss Tibbit enjoys cat litter snackies. She eats the crumbs from the basement floor. You know how it works: the cat jumps out with litter stuck to his feet. The litter scatters. Tibbit cleans that up. Two strikes – basement floor and cat litter.

5. Two days ago I yanked a rotting baby bird carcass out of her mouth by its little feet. It was mostly down her throat already so I had to have a good, strong grip on those curled up bird toes.

4. Miss Tibbit has sticky spit.

3. She sniffs the cat’s butt, and I can’t be sure she does it from a sanitary distance.

2.  She licks her own wet nose.IMG_1762

And finally, the hard limit, the final unarguable reason:

1. I just now saw Miss Tibbit eat cat crap that some city cat left in my garden. Yes, I am glad it is gone. No, I am not happy Miss Tibbit ate it.

Miss Tibbit is a sweet, lovey useless little black dog who likes nothing better than to greet people with kisses. Just saying, think about it.


  1. Hehe, funny dog, but is a big reminder why I don’t like to be licked by them. My dog has eaten its own puke before!! Have a good one! Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks for reading the post – and oh yeah did I ever forget about the puke. Except Miss Tibbit eats the cat puke, not her own. Awesome.

  2. momtowideeyedspouse says

    Tough call! That beautiful little face might make one overlook the bad habits!

  3. Aren’t all dogs wonderful? I love mine to death but there is no way I’ll let them lick me. I’ve seen where they put their mouths.

  4. floridaborne says

    Typical dog.

    When asked why I don’t allow my dogs to lick me, I just say, “I know where that tongue has been.” If pressed for specifics, I say, “Kitty gourmet.” If further explanation is needed I say that dogs like sniffing the rear of the cat hoping it will soon expel more hot, fresh kitty gourmet. On one hand, they’re relieved the dog isn’t eating the cat. On the other hand, I don’t like the smell in my bathroom after they barf.

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