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This situation is intolerable.

I could fix it in ten, maybe fifteen minutes. Or at least improve on it. Make it less distressing.

A classic, careworn Mercedes 380SL convertible moved onto my street last month. The rear driver’s window panel is out on the driver’s side and has been during the whole of my acquaintance with the car. The owner’s cleverly expedient fix, a pink and orange beach towel shoved in the gap, pains me. This morning there were three beach towels shoved in the hole and draped over the entire area. RaingaugeEvidently one towel was insufficient to combat the near inch of rain we had in the night.

As the lightening crackled and the downpour thundered on the roof of my house, I worried about the Mercedes. I fretted for it as it crouched under a tree in the street.

Every time it rains, even a little, that Mercedes ages faster. Yes, it is already over the hill and running on fumes as any good old Mercedes will do for decades. But I am overcome with wonderment that a person who has the wherewithal and bravery to operate such a car as a daily driver is callous enough to speed its dying. Poor Mercedes. Poor me for having to witness this slow death.


I can’t watch this play out over the coming days, weeks,  – or if the Mercedes is remarkably resilient –  months. I have hatched a plan. I have scissors, some good quality black duct tape, and a small sheet of high ml plastic sheeting ready. In the wee hours of the night, by the dim glow of the antique street light, I am going to fix it. Or at least improve on this intolerable situation a little bit.


  1. mothermi6 says

    Hmm. Might be prudent just to leave the kit for the owner to tape on. Tempting to leave a ‘Get Well Soon’ card addressed to the car but, no, le sensible here & exercise restraint! Luckily no sad cars here!

  2. sally1137 says

    I like it! Secret midnight ninja car repair. Good luck!

    • Other, wiser, cooler heads have suggested that I convince the owner to fix the car herself before I take strong action. I’ll try to be patient!

  3. momtowideeyedspouse says

    Reconnaissance plan. Casually bump the sad vehicle while pet strolling tonight, no piercing shrills, no surprises during your mission. Just sayin’…..

  4. Dwain says

    You might simply leave an anonymous note. “” M380SL $300.00. You have 30 days to make repairs to this vehicle’s top or they will be made for you in a provisional manner. Neglecting this notice may result in an oil and filter change. I’m watching you!

    • I am printing your statement right now for convenient posting on the wind shield of the car. Today the towels are unstuffed and I think the owner hopes the cool dry breezes will take care of the swamp which has no doubt formed in the car…

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