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Saturday morning along some Buffalo roadways.

HamishGrillHamish the Corgi supervised the assembly of the new Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker last night. Miss Tibbit broke the packing material down into pieces small enough to fit into the recycling bin. They waited at home today while their WideEyedHumans drove out to Adventures in Heat in the suburbs for hardwood charcoal and some black cherry and apple wood chunks.

The world between the house and the shop teemed with life. Two security guards in Buffalo Central Library lamented the arrest of a regular patron. He was caught with 20 grains or grams of something.  That’ll get him 20 years in prison, one guard said.

A Princess (her license plate told us so) in an elderly Nissan Altima hocked a wad of gum into the shrubs in the Tim Horton’s Coffee drive through. Across the street jets lifted off at the airport, taking people somewhere else. For once, on this rainy Saturday morning, I didn’t feel the wanderlust.

A few miles down the road, a Dad opened the rear door of a limousine and helped his daughter bride into a tiny white church. We rolled passed the intersection where an 18 year old on a motorcycle blasted himself to a 100 mile an hour oblivion on the front of a BMW last Wednesday. I expected it to look different there now, but it didn’t.

A senior citizen hauling her groceries in a rolling bin stopped for a smoke break in an empty bank parking lot. Brindled and shaking, a tiny dog stared at me from the next car over when we arrived at the bbq shop.

On the way home we stopped at Fairy Cakes Cupcakery for a couple of treats: orange-chocolate and oatmeal cookie cupcakes. The WideEyedSpouse has a birthday tomorrow. Two delicately oversized giraffes living at the Buffalo Zoo peered over their oversized wrought iron fence at passing events. I saw their long eyelashes blinking at the world and wondered what they thought about. Did they want a cupcake?

Just now I stood in the garden, contemplating on mulching even though the maple hasn’t released its helicoptering seed pods yet. It is raining a bit and Miss Tibbit and Hamish asked if we might instead nap in front of public television. Sure, I told them, let’s go in.

The world will have to get by without me watching it for a little while. I hope I don’t miss anything.


    • Dear Dame Tankful,
      Thank you. I am glad I was able to communicate effectively, because the morning felt more than real, as though the world had been created exclusively for my observation. Did events continue as I passed by? Or did the world exist only in my presence?

      • mothermi6 says

        Arguable WEF, arguable. I like the sign-off ‘Best.’ Best. E

  1. I was with you for every part of that day and saw all the things that you saw and you capture the essence of it so well. A nice, relaxing trip through the city and the suburbs. I remember so clearly the wad of gum flying out of the princess’s window. I think I remember it so clearly because it was just oh so gross. Yuck. I also remember it though because we then sat behind her, waiting, as she fumbled with something in her car completely oblivious to the fact that she was stopped in the exit of a drive-thru. But of course why would a princess concern herself with the meaningless frustrations of her subjects? So I refrained from beeping my horn at her. It was a nice drive though. And…the smoked brisket and baby back ribs we made on the new smoker were delicious. The cupcakes were delicious as well!

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