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The garden is poised for action.

Cherry, cosmonaut, and garden peach tomatoes. Hot peppers. Sweet peppers. Leeks. Easter egg radishes and French breakfast radishes. The WideEyedHousehold is doubtful about a breakfast of radishes. Lettuces. Carrots. Borage. Grapes. Sunflowers and two pear trees. And oh, blue coco pole beans, whatever they are, time will tell.



  1. I spent the day weeding. I don’t have huge plans for my garden, but I just want it to look decent. Good luck with yours…

    • Thanks. I don’t know what the weather was like today in your world, but it was a great, sunny day for weeding here!

      • A little too sunny I think. I sweated more while weeding than I did on my morning run. Of course, the morning run didn’t allow me to use a shovel… 🙂

  2. sally1137 says

    You have me beat for variety! I have a bunch of tomatoes started from seed, cucumbers, lettuce, butternut squash, strawberries, potatoes, onions and lavender. Hey, wait…that’s a pretty good variety too…

    • Potatoes! Now I have them too – moments after I posted my neighbor gave me her extra seed potatoes. I’ve never grown them before and I am excited. I need to make an aboveground bag – or buy one. I wish you the best with your variety garden!

      • sally1137 says

        Good luck with your taters! You can cut them up to plant; just make sure each piece has an “eye” on it.

  3. Wide eyed dad says

    try as i might, i can’t figure out where that garden is. is that the side of the house, or garage?

    • That’s the far end of the yard next to the garage. The fence keeps Miss T and H from yanking tender young plants out, but Miss T has learned to squeeze her body through a window pane, sloooowly and careefully. . Annoying.

  4. momtowideeyedspouse says

    Ahhh ! So inviting! Even the garden has your unique touch. Can I come and weed too! or sit quietly and watch it all grow?

  5. Susanne Funk says

    We planted potatoes some years ago in those cylinders from Gardner’s Supply. I think they were Yukon Gold and small red potatoes. They didn’t bear much, but I remember getting enough for a meal. Too bad you aren’t near by to borrow them.

    • I keep thinking abou those cylinders. I was planning to buy one of those potato bags they sell at Garden’s Supply, but I keep thinking about your potato cylinders. Maybe I’ll crib something together and borrow your gear next I am in the area – future seasons!

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