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Twenty things I could have bought with the $20 I lost yesterday.

1. 2,000 pieces of penny candy. Two thousand.

2. 20 minutes of satellite phone time to talk to the Spouse from the remote fieldwork location.

Strawberry Shortcake Donut, with Angel Cream.

3. 2 dozen Paula’s Donuts. That’s 24 items of pure deliciousness.

4. Two tickets to a Buffalo Bisons game.

5. 20 Mega Millions lottery tickets.

6. A shovel.

7. 6 bags of Family Size potato chips.

8. Gas for a scenic drive to Olcott and back, with a stop at Reids Hot Dogs.

9. A really big bale of toilet paper.

10. Contact lens solution, pickles, potato chips and fair-trade coffee at Target: the intended purpose.

A dog needs a good chair.

11. A dog chair.

12. A dog license renewal.

13. A marriage license (17 years ago).

14. 180 dukie bags for dog walks.

15. 2 completely drinkable bottles of wine, or one wine-in-a-box (Equivalent of 4 bottles – stays fresh for a month. Just saying.).

16. 2 6-packs of quality beer.

17. Almost 3 months of Netflix.

18. Approximately 60 showers, 8 dishwasher runs, 5-10 loads of hot water laundry (whites and dog beds) – in other words, a summer month gas bill.

19. An emergency room copay. The Spouse got rollerblades for his birthday.

20. 48 vegetable plants.

 If only I had used my wallet to house the $20. All of that could have been mine.


  1. Spouse of Money Losing WideEyedFunk says

    So…I think to properly understand the magnitude of the loss, we should take some of the other twenty dollar bills that we have not lost and work our way through the list over the next couple of weekends. Reids hot dogs, Paula’s donuts, family sized bags of chips, 6 packs of beer and bottles of wine…Sound like a good time! And we will really know exactly what we lost first hand…not just in words. Just my thoughts.

  2. Dad says

    How bout 3 bags of potato chips and 1 6-pack. Good for one summer afternoon

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