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Old House | Freedom Thief

We had freedom once. We hiked. We rode mountain bikes. We visited antique shops and flea markets, clutching take-out lattes. We read the whole Sunday paper to fill the time before brunch.

But our lives seemed empty. So we bought a house and fixed up it. Then we moved. Bought another house and fixed it up. Then we moved, to the biggest, oldest house yet.

It must be painted. I do understand that there are professionals who do these things for you. For buckets of ducats. But the WideEyedSpouse and I sort of want to see what is happening on the house. Get a sense of coming maintenance. And, we want to run the 35 foot boom lift and stare down at the neighborhood from our lofty position.

Yesterday we started.

House Paint 2015 Day 1 tools

We scraped. I washed with pre-painting detergent. No, I’m ok, it only burned a little when it dripped down my arms and off my elbows.

House Paint 2015 Day 1 scrape

House Paint 2015 Day 1 fresh coatWe painted. Creamy white. Deepest blue. We painted until 12 minutes after sunset, knowing that rains were coming and hoping for the necessary 1 hour dry time before the deluge. I worried over this and the Spouse told me, “The rain never comes from that direction anyway.”

After one day of painting, the WidedEyedHouse is about 1/20th done. The torrential spring rains are, as you might expect, lashing against the newly painted walls. The paint is holding steady so far. The members of the WideEyedHousehold are huddled inside, nursing blisters and sore muscles and bruises. Desperately avoiding thoughts of 19 more 10 hour days of scraping and painting in the hot summer sun. Dreaming of lattes and brunches and aimless weekends.

House Paint 2015 Day 1


  1. Envy? Nostalgia? Smug been there done that feeling? I’m really not sure. But elderdelphin feels the pain from a distance.

  2. Elizabeth Funk says

    We hope to see your house some day. Wish we would get some of that rain. And if you run out of things to do with the house, we could offer you plenty here.

    • We did need the rain – almost 2 inches in 24 hours seems excessive but I’ll take it. The gardens are awakening! Visiting people who live in older houses can be tricky – you might be handed a paint brush at any moment!

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