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Pulled pork eight ways since Sunday

The WideEyedSpouse smoked a ten pound pork shoulder over the weekend. I mean that exactly. Over the weekend. It was a 16 hour process, not including the preparation of the rub, the annual smoker cleanse, the pre-smoke meat rest, the post-smoke meat rest, and the actual pulling of the pork. The smoking aromas were intoxicating. Enticing. I told the Spouse that it was like I had traveled to some city with a BBQ reputation and I was in line for some of the good stuff. All day.

As it turns out, ten pounds of raw pork shoulder equals about seven pounds of smoked pulled pork. For two people.

We are now two days out from the initial meal of pulled pork sandwiches, Memphis style. I have eaten:

  • Pulled pork on a plate,
  • Pulled pork out of Tupperware,
  • Pulled pork sandwiches, again,
  • Pulled pork snackies for evening peckishness.

There are half pound pulled pork packets in the freezer for future delights such as pulled pork chili, pulled pork omelets, pulled pork fried rice, pulled pork tacos, pulled pork sandwiches, again.

And tonight, friends, the pièce de résistance of pulled pork, a pulled pork pizza.


  1. Now I am famished. It’s not fair. However, pizza – – and pulled pork – – never the twain shall meet on my palette. Well, maybe not. On the other hand, maybe.

    OK, I’ll try it.

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