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Yoha, Friends!

“YOHA “ I read the bold word on the flag. It flapped cheerfully from the porch of one of the grand old homes on the morning dog walk route.

“Yoha?” I said to the dogs. I wondered what it meant. The WideEyedHousehold is in a pretty multicultural neighborhood – even a little global what with the proximity of all the colleges and the medical corridor. It could be in any language; it could be English but mean something I am not familiar with.

“Yoha.” I tried it out again. I said it all cheery and imagined walking past the house flying the YOHA flag and saying it to the people who lived there. “Yoha, neighbors!” They’d probably wave back at me, happy that someone was greeting them in their language.

The dogs and I turned the corner and I took one last look back at the YOHA flag. The yellow and white sailing boat on the flag above the lettering undulated in the breeze. “Must have something to do with the ocean or water,” I said to the dogs.

I walked a few more steps. Miss Tibbit paused for a wee. Hamish sniffed a tree. I thought about the flag.

Unstoppable laughter welled up when I imagined myself yelling “Yoha!” to the unsuspecting owners of the AHOY flag with a sailboat on it. I laughed my way down the street and back home. The dogs wondered what so funny.

Just because I have a lot of thoughts in my head, doesn’t mean I’m smart.


  1. I was fooled into trying to decode an acronym that seemed familiar, like for example “You Only Have A…” couldn’t get any further than that.

  2. Joyce says

    Now, that is hilarious…..that is something I would do!!! Love it!!!!

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