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Now that’s a man-sized Croc.

Croc2And it is no wonder really that Wiggins the Cat was poking his head in there. To a cat, a Croc that size might be something to crawl into. Hang out in. Attack people from the comfort of.

The question as I see it is more along the lines of, what happened that caused the cat to puke inside the Croc? As I think about the mechanics of it, having watched Wiggins the Cat puke more than once in his 14 years, I try to imagine his posture. Was his head inside the Croc or did he projectile? If he projectiled, why into the Croc?

The Spouse assures me that he also calmly thought through the scenario as he slid his foot into the Croc at 6:10am this morning for running the dogs in the yard. He thought, why is my foot wet? Did I get snow in my shoe during the bedtime dog trip to the yard? No, he concluded, there’s no snow on the ground right now. Did the cat pee in my shoe? He started feeling angry during that thought he tells me. But no. Not pee. He learned it was puke when he inspected the bubbled, white, foamy mess on his foot. Or when he sniffed the Croc, his story isn’t clear on this detail.

We should, as a group, be asking ourselves was it coincidence that the cat’s head was in the Spouse’s Croc when the unstoppable need to vomit coalesced? Should we all, or perhaps one sacrificial member of the crew, sniff the Croc? Please, feel free to volunteer.

Just a little sniff?

Just a little sniff?


  1. Momtowideeyedspouse says

    Memories of tan boat shoes compel me to say Wiggins “sniffed” before the event.

  2. I have to think that the cat intentionally yacked in my slipper. I must have done something to him the previous day that warranted that sort of retribution. I think I heard him snickering as I inserted my foot into the surprise. Can a cat snicker? Ours can. We have 2400 square feet of house, a full basement and the walk up attic that the cat could have utilized for that sort of activity…as he has done many times in the past. Right in my Croc though? It all went in the Croc too. No collateral damage around the Croc. Which in a way was very nice of him. Clean up was a snap. So I thank him for that, but c’mon! Not cool!

  3. Oh…and one more thing…my Crocs don’t stink. Other shoes that I currently own…not impossible. But the Crocs…no. It was just evil feline behavior that resulted in my Croc being full of cat vomit. As I indicated in my earlier comment…I heard the cat snicker.

  4. Momtowideeyedspouse says

    Oh..okay..and rubber/plastic cannot be permeated? Wiggins snicker? Like Snidley Whiplash or Captain Hook ?

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