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Hamish Rides Console

He’d ride shotgun but he is too small to see out the window. So he rides Console.

Riding Console in the trucks we’ve had over the years is easy. The space between the driver and passenger seats is huge. The console is a big padded platform that looks like it was designed to provide mattressy respite for beefy man arms. There’s enough space that a passenger beefy man arm would not accidently touch a driver beefy man arm already using the console. Hamish the Corgi fits on truck consoles with room to spare. His panoramic view of traffic, countryside, and snacks being eaten by the passenger is unparalleled from the console.


When Hamish cruises the urban scene with me and the Mini Cooper S, he struggles to maintain the attitude of superior contentment. You can see that he is smiling, but maybe his back teeth are clenched. Smile and clench your teeth – then say “this is great”. That’s exactly how Hamish looks riding the Mini console.The Mini console is low and he mainly has a view of the giant Mini speedometer. The console is narrow. He wedges his barrel chest between the seats and perches one front paw on the console in front of him. The other he rests on a human or waves in the air to counter balance g-forces on spirited turns. The console is short. About two thirds of Hamish hangs off the back, dangling in space over the rear seat floor boards.

None of this deters Hamish. He will shove Sweet Miss Tibbit out of the way to ride console. He calls Console before we’ve even left the house. Before my shoes are on, or keys are in my hand. As I lift the dogs into the back of the Mini, Sweet Tibbit watches Hamish hustle his fuzzy person into the console position and sighs. She sits behind the passenger seat and leans against it to watch the world pass. Sometimes she peers over Hamish’s ears, asking what’s going on up there?

Nothing much Sweet Tibbit. Nothing much.

Miss Tibbit wants a turn on the Console. Never going to happen.


  1. First off…what a great looking dog Hamish is. I mean…damn, that’s a good looking dog. What a great dog. He does love riding on the console. Jumps right up there as soon as he gets in the car. You forgot to mention that if the driver or passenger leaves his/her seat at any stops along the trip, Hamish is quick to takeover the seat and is very reluctant to go back to the console when the human returns. I too love it when he raises his little paws around in the air to counter-balance against a turn. Cute as can be.

  2. Any worthwhile dog knows the difference between “Ride” and “Truckride”. One is good, very good. The other is pure Ecstasy. This anecdote clearly illustrates the difference.

    It also clarifies the Alpha status of Hamish. If that was ever in doubt.

  3. This is hillarious and reminds me of my own dog who loves riding shotgun in my father’s van. Poor Hamish being stuck in such a small console!

    • It’s a terrible injustice, isn’t it? Hamish has asked me to write a letter of complaint to the Mini Cooper design team! Happy rides to your dog and thanks for stopping in the WideEyed blog!

    • wideeyedfunk says

      Thanks for visitng the WEF blog – and for thinking Hamish is great. He agrees. He’s upside down right now but he looks agreeable…

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