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Taller fencing.

When my neighbor’s daughter giggled at me, I thought to consider our situation.

All I did was flap my hello-hand at her when she got into her dad’s car less than 10 feet away from me and Miss Tibbit – who was taking an eternally long sniff at something along the fence line. She found half a sandwich there about a month ago and she can’t let the memory go. Miss Tibbit found the sandwich, not the daughter. The origin of the half a sandwich remains unknown.

It was 10pm walkies and the entire WideEyedHousehold was outside, except Ancient Wiggins the Cat who could be heard yowling for a snack in the kitchen.

I waved my hello-hand and the daughter said hi but she said it through a sort of shocked-involuntary giggle. Weird.

I pushed the side flap of my furry bomber hat out of the way and looked around a bit to see what was funny. The dogs weren’t up to anything. The WideEyedSpouse was…oh. The WideEyedSpouse was standing in the driveway in his own (matching) bomber hat, blue yard coat, blue long underwear, and crocs. His glasses gleamed at me. He looked, well, interesting.

I took stock of my own self. Fuzzy bomber hat, glasses, blue yard coat (matching), leggings with umbrellas printed all over them, crocs (matching).

Sigh. You can’t buy that kind of style.


    • Good plan, except the idea of driving miles and miles for take out is chilling. Life without pizza, sushi, tacos, noodles, gyros – well, is it life at all? The city will have to endure our awesome styling!

  1. You know, I was going for comfort and function…not style. Long underwear works great as lounge pants in the Winter. Warm and comfortable. Is it appropriate to go outside in underwear? Some people might say no…but that is not a concern for me…obviously. Boxer shorts work as shorts in a pinch in the warmer months…long underwear works as pants in the Winter! The blue yard coats…function. They are meant to be worn in industrial freezers…Winter cold is no match for them. The bomber hat..comfort and function. Don’t even need to expand on that. If you have worn one, you know…they are awesome as a Winter hat. Crocs…yes, the often maligned Crocs. I’ll tell ya what though…they are comfortable and the non vented ones keep your feet warm for brief forays into the yard in the Winter. Traction on ice…not so much, 87% chance of a fall in that circumstance. You just have to be careful. So…an outfit built on comfort and function.
    But…thinking about it as a I write this…I am kinda shocked I have not seen someone like Pharrell rocking this look in GQ or Esquire. Crocs and a bomber hat AND long underwear!? With a puffy jacket? That is a slam dunk! Money in the bank!

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