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Work avoidance.

Miss Tibbit and I followed the tiny lizard footprints and tail wiggles through the driveway sand. They pitter pattered up a little slope, back down. Around a bump. Wee busy lizard feet. A winding curly trail crossed over the lizard tracks. Once. Twice. The lizard tracks ended in a particularly fancy curlicue. Uh oh. Miss Tibbit and I looked at each other. We’re pretty sure a snake just had breakfast.

Later the Spouse and I gazed out at the Atlantic, trying to work up the energy to read our novels. I think the sun was going supernova above us. A pod of Bottlenose Dolphins arched and swam in the middle distance. “I guess we’re clear of sharks,” I said to the spouse and went in for a swim. Three pelicans glided at wave height along the pellucid outgoing tidewaters.

Invisible jets roar overhead. “Clearly we have stealth technology now,” the Spouse observed. I’m more concerned with the miniature jets that swarm the shrubs near the stairs to the deck. Dozens of juicy dragon flies are busy with something in there.Carova Dragonfly

Hamish has settled into our life here. He is squeaking his bunny toy across the livingroom. It keeps trying to get away. Tibbit makes wide passages around the coffee table. The base is a sculpture of two wild horses, their noble heads supporting the glass table surface. Tibbit is deeply suspicious of their total lack of animation. We all saw the horses outside. They stank and moved and were interesting.


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