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Working from home on a Friday morning.

The dogs and I were minding our own business here in the partially-painted WideEyedDomicile. Tibbit-the-Useless-Little-Black-Dog was monitoring the front walk and alerting us to the passage of Every Single Thing. Hamish the Corgi kept sighing and rolling his eyes at me here in the office. My grant proposal writing was going ok. You know, words were coming out of my fingertips and the keyboard kept on clattering. That’s the noise of productivity friends.

wee ukeBut then I thought of my uke. My cute little soprano uke resting on its wee stand in the parlor. Once I thought of my little uke, I couldn’t stop thinking about Elvis.

What? No, I can’t tell you why, it just happened that way. The why is lost in the vasty mystery of my inner mind. I don’t question this stuff.

Now, an hour later, I can more or less play “Can’t help falling in love”.  My neighbor who also is working from home today might be regretting his decision. But I’m glorious in my own mind. I’m obviously channeling Elvis as I plonk and screech and warble my way through it. Over and over.

Anyway. I’m smiling. The dogs are relaxed. And I’ve paid Elvis his due. Back to the clattering keyboard.

Uke at work


  1. dwain says

    Lee Ann got me a ukulele for Christmas last year, The only song I’ve learned so far is the universe song by Eric Idle from Monty Python. Lets get the band back together.

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