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The moon over my Hammie.

No, actually Hamish the Corgi was too wiggly. He couldn’t get himself settled enough to peer through the 12mm lens at the moon. He kept trying to put his meaty paw on the telescope tube for balance and he was sort of kicking around in my arms. I know he was disappointed, but he can try again next time.

I stared at the craters, I like the ones with the impact cone in the middle. I don’t know why. The WideEyedSpouse sort of pushed at me. “Hey, let me have a turn,” he sniveled. I took one more look and stepped back from the Celestron, immediately looking up at the now-puny moon hanging above my neighbor’s house. It was lame in comparison to looking at it with the telescope.


After what felt like A THOUSAND YEARS, I politely asked the Spouse to move. “Come on man,” I whined, “you are totally hogging the telescope.” He engaged the selective deafness protocol. “Come ON,” I stepped into his personal space. He put his shoulder toward me. I was outraged, “Gah,” I said. I looked around for support against this injustice but it was just me and the dogs and they didn’t really care. “Just one more picture,” he told me. Sure. Like I was born yesterday.


  1. It would appear that there is a very large dog hair lying on the surface of the moon there in the upper right corner. We have got to get that camera attachment hooked up for some better pictures…then I will have to do less hogging of the telescope. Although holding the iphone camera up to the lens did produce good results in a pinch.

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