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Budget Sequestration Made Me Eat Cheap Peanut Butter.

The WideEyedHousehold must make decisions about financial sequestering by prioritizing categories of expenditure. Just as our Senate is divided in debates about preferential priorities, so we are. Just as our nation must make difficult choices, so we must. “Compromise” in the WideEyedHousehold results in unpalatable solutions, as it does in our nation.

As you may know, I dreamed of an exotic winter break far from snowy Buffalo. Last week during spring break, we ate lunch at the Ikea just outside of Toronto for our international vacation. The basic parameters of an exotic, international locale with regional cuisine were met. They were met stupendously if the rumors about horsemeat in the Ikea meatballs are true. How intrepid of us to eat the little meat balls all unknowing, even with an unconcerned panache.

As you may know, the WideEyedSpouse likes beer. I like to eat. He feels that beer sort of is food. I feel that food is food. The Spouse prefers good beer. I prefer organic, limited ingredient, small batch peanut butter. Our preferential priorities battled at Wegman’s. The beer lobby won. I still got the peanut butter, but at radically reduced funding. Evidently the beer drinker’s lobby in the WideEyedSenate is far more powerful than the peanut butter eater’s lobby.

I fear for the next battle. I mean “compromise”.


  1. I fail to see how you came out the looser in the peanut butter/beer debate. Peanut butter tastes like peamut butter whether it is econo-buy or high-end organic. It’s peanuts. I actually think econo-buy tastes better. Good beer is like a little slice of heaven right here on earth. It’s a party in your mouth. It is meant to be savored and appreciated with every sip. The Victory Storm King Stout and the Ommegang Abbey Ale in the picture above…outrageously good! If you haven’t tried Victory and Ommegang…do so now. Ommegang Three Philosophers is off the charts. Mmm,Mmm…good! Oh, and don’t forget that Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout hiding in the background of the photo…aw geez, that’s delicious. Add that to your list. I think there is a Founder’s Dirty Bastard Sctoch Ale hiding back there too…you’ve gotta try that one. Founder’s also makes a fantastic Stout. Then that sweet Anchor Porter peeking in from the right. All the way from San Francisco…small batch, hand made porter…are you kidding me? I’m in love! I have never tasted a beer from Anchor that didn’t give me tingles. So anyway, what were we talking about? I’ve gotta go get some beer.

  2. momtowideeyedspouse says

    The pros and cons have been discussed and defended. Perhaps during your sequester one of the mentioned beer companies will want to hire a new ad man!? Wideeyedspouses’ defense was impressive! Score for the beer guzzler!

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