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Australian Shiraz grapes make my teeth purple.

Italian Sangiovese grapes do not.


I’ll let you wonder about the testing program that was necessary to come to this conclusion.

Perhaps you should take a moment to cast your mind over the many other red wines that may, or may not, turn my teeth purple.  I’ll test those too if you insist.

I also suggest that you think about the kind of week a person might be having to make such testing seem like a Good Idea.



  1. My alcoholic beverage of choice is beer. It has never turned my teeth purple…BUT…I will now make it my mission in life to leave no bottle unopened in a quest to determine if there is a beer that will turn my teeth purple! What a quest it will be…like the best quest ever thought up by anyone…ever!!! I accept this burden with open arms though…that way I can carry more beer in them!

    • What Have I Done? I can only imagine the endless future hours that will spent in beer halls, beer shops, breweries. I don’t even care for beer. Hoist by my own petard.

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