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The tiresome collision of skeletons and snow.

Skeleton1Outside the lab window, above the human skeletons dangling from their cranial hooks, I could see the wind howling snow across the small Fimbulwintered quad. It looked horrible. I put my chin in my hand and gazed into the whirling wretched iciness and thought about a beach. A long, wide beach with nice medium sized waves and only a few other people around. The sun glared off the water and I could almost feel the heat. I sighed and imagined settling my shoulders deeper into the hot sand. It was great. I smiled.

I heard a faint, wah, wah, wah sound off to my right so I turned my head, idly wondering what it was.

Oh. It was one of the grad students in the lab. He was describing his research project to me. To get my input. Which I really wanted to give because I like that part of my job.

I tuned back in, sighing to myself.

I’m tired of winter.

Temperature at posting: 16 degrees F, light snow, wind ~15mph.


  1. Momtowideeyedspouse says

    33 degrees and dropping ~ 22 mph winds ~ here in jersey…
    Can I recommend St Thomas; been there; hoped to get back one day :- ) Need a guide?

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