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The Pugrador Retreagle: A New Boutique Breed

Pugrador Retreagle at 10 months.

Miss Tibbit came from the Buffalo Animal Shelter last summer, joining a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a surly cat in her new home.

Miss Tibbit is a Pugrador Retreagle of the Toy Sporting Hound group. If you’ve not heard of this new boutique breed (mutt), these dogs result from a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Pug crossed with a Beagle (the Puggle). Let me take you through some of the interesting show-dog career ending traits Miss Tibbit exhibits. She will assume the role of the breed standard.

The Pugrador Retreagle is a toothy, ungainly, opinionated dog of uncommonly sweet nature. The breed is stoutly, solidly built in the torso with a deep chest balanced forward on outward angled spindly front legs. The hindquarters are narrow with lean haunches and skinny rear limbs. The tailed is thick, arched, and prehensile with a bendy joint halfway along and white tufts on the feathering. The Pugrador Retreagle’s gait alternates between a sidewinding, crabwalking trot and toe prancing. 

3 mos.

The coat is short, dense, and soft, with a tendency to stink and shed dandruff during periods of anxiety. It is black along the back, grading into deep bronze at the legs on the head, with white tufts on the belly.  The head is well shaped with a balanced snout and velvety ears that flop to the jawline. The mouth is toothy, with possibly too many bright, white teeth and an overly large tongue that is accidently bitten during frequent baying-barking fits. Deep brown eyes clearly reflect the mood: calm and loving, trouble seeking, or interested but not yet committed to action.

The Pugrador Retreagle is highly energetic, requiring a minimum of two walks and four yard romps per day, in addition to near-constant play sessions with other household animals and toys or household goods. The Pugrador Retreagle is however a fine napping companion when the energies finally fade. At 45 pounds and 20 inches at the shoulder, the Pugrador Retreagle is small enough to fit comfortably on the sofa, and to be picked up when its opinions are in opposition to human commands.

3 mos., romping

Pugrador Retreagles retrieve sticks compulsively, carrying them through the neighborhood until interesting aromas attract the sensitive nose, at which point the dog begins to aggressively track. They are smart and trainable if the tasks are interesting or the rewards sufficiently high. They cuddle close, and like contact with humans if nothing more exciting is happening. In all, Pugrador Retreagles exhibit few of the show qualities of the parent breeds, and many of the sweet, loyal aspects of the Pugs, Labradors, and Beagles. They are highly recommended as family pets for their sweetness of nature, and inexpensive, rescue-dog cost.


  1. An “uncommonly sweet nature” is what I’d look for in a canine. If I ever were to own one. Which I’m not planning to do. Although when Mrs. Funk sees this, she just might start another attempt to try to talk me into it. Nope.

    Also key here: Adopt your pets from your local animal shelter!!! Then when the time is right, have them spayed and neutered. Unless you plan to breed Pugrador Retreagles.

    • Christie says

      Hey Harry, this dog looks very much like the $50 mutt we adopted from Greene County Humane Society a few years ago. For that $50 (and a bag of dog food), we got the nicest, gentlest dog ever. He’s great with the grandkids, the cats, neighbors, etc. We didn’t have to train him at all. The only down side is he doesn’t like thunderstorms but, then, neither do I so we head to the basement together!

  2. Maybe you have a Pugrador Retreagle! As long as he has a nice disposition. As for thunderstorms, they used to really freak me out when I was a kid. Still don’t like them at all, myself. So who can blame the doggie?

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